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What is the Rich Snippet?

rich snippet - What is the Rich Snippet?

Source: The Complete Guide to Reputation Score and Online Reputation Management
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…and Why You Should Make Sure it’s Accurate.

The rich snippet is the colorful row of information that sits between the URL and the meta description in search results. It displays supplemental information about your business that can include your star rating, reviews, pricing, product details, and even recipe information.

Consumers may do one of three things:

  • Click to your website
    Does the link take them to the most relevant section based on their inquiry?
  • Call you
    Is your phone number correct on your location’s business listing?
  • Get directions
    Is your address correct? What about your hours of business?

This combination of elements — your reputation as expressed quantitatively in search results, and qualitatively in the accuracy and relevance of information returned to the user — can dramatically impact your business outcomes. And unlike many other aspects of the buyer’s journey, this is entirely within your control.

You have significant control over your online reputation expressed through where you rank, what customers see, and how they respond online.

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