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Pivot strategy for small business in the face of chaos

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Source: Pivot strategy for small biz faces chaos
Shared By: Julia Braga – Strategist @thejuliabraga

Current world economy will try a lot of business’ models out there.

The good news is, this is always when inventions arise. This crisis is different, as we all need to stay at home and protect ourselves, bringing our marketing and business processes to a more digital landscape — if not only digital.

Social media and email will be THE tools to use during this weird time we are facing right now. I am seeing a lot of business owners scrambling to setup websites, online shops, social media websites, email marketing workflows. Mom and I were in the middle of a transition to omnichannel, and we will have to open our online shops before we had planned since our brick and mortar are closed.

An estimate of 50% of small businesses are not on social, which is bonkers.

The owners might have professional, private pages, but their businesses have 0 presence online, which will test people’s capability to remain profitable. Starting now might be too late, but it’s better now than never, specially as we don’t know how long this madness will go on for, and how long people will be required to stay home. It takes time to build an audience and gain traction, but if we are still required to stay home for another 6 months (you never know), at least you will have started 6 months ago.

Service only? Well, it’s time to move your business online.

Turn your knowledge into profit by creating courses, digital products, and doing consults that would normally be done in person into digital meetings or classes. You can use achieve this with low cost or even free apps such as Zoom, Mailerlite, Hotmart, Calendly, Acuity, Stripe, and of course, social media.

There is ALWAYS a way to not go broke in your business. Next time will be thinking ‘this new stuff in’st for me’. >>>>

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