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Are you playing the “Google algorithm” game?

google algorithm - Are you playing the “Google algorithm” game?

Source: Improve Customer Experience from the First Google Search
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Most of the advice on how to improve your customer experience starts with the customer’s initial visit to your website. That is no longer enough.

With half of Google searches resulting in zero clicks, it pays to provide a great customer experience from your customer’s first organic Google search forward.

Some of the top SEO experts recommend that businesses adjust by:

  • Optimizing all web properties (website, directory listings, social media) to ensure that your information is consistent, relevant and engaging.
  • Using click metrics to make informed decisions about campaigns and targeted keywords.
  • Starting an On-SERP strategy to win more elements on Page 1 of search engine results.
  • Ensure that your site is optimized for mobile to provide a reliable and secure experience across all devices and Google will reward you.

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