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Online reputation plays a role in determining a dealership’s value

A dealership’s sales volume, franchise, and location are some of the many factors that go into determining its valuation in a buy sell. A perhaps less obvious factor is now figuring into that calculation as well – online reputation. Dealerships that aren’t monitoring their online presence may be reducing their attractiveness to potential buyers. “The dealership needs to have a significant volume of reviews out there, on the positive side,” said Ali Fawaz, general manager and senior director of automotive with Reputation.com.

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4 Ways Business Owners Can Get Ahead in the Feedback Economy by Michael Fertik, Founder & Chairman, Reputation.com

In 2015, I published The Reputation Economy , which focused on how individuals can improve their professional reputation. It was the start of something big — it took into consideration the fact that social media and reviews have a huge impact on how the public forms their opinions about people. Technology has evolved to enable companies to gather, aggregate and analyze data about people — including our buying habits, our financial health, our professional and personal networks and more — and as predicted, our digital reputations have become our most valuable currency.

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