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Best properties and PMCs by reputation

Online reputation management company, Reputation.com, has analyzed its database of 3 million customer reviews of more than 70,000 multifamily properties to compile a list of the best properties and best property management companies.

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How COVID-19 Is Reshaping Reputation For Marketers

For many marketers, the once calmer seas of reputation have been roiled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Health care marketers’ reputations have been particularly impacted. In this article, Forbes’ Paul Talbot interviews Rebecca Biestman, CMO of Reputation.com, about how reputation data can be measured, monitored and acted on.

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Telemedicine – Zooming to New Heights

COVID-19 brought about the explosion of telemedicine for obvious reasons — quick and convenient access between patient and provider, maintaining patient load to prevent appointment cancellations, and — most important — safety for both patients and providers.

“Why would I want to go to a doctor’s office now if I don’t have to?” is today’s common sentiment. “We are hearing from clients who have seen anywhere from 300 to 3,000 percent increase in telehealth. One [client] onboarded four different telehealth partners because the initial process wasn’t able to handle it all,” says Annie Haarmann, senior director of healthcare strategy at Reputation.com.

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