Bragging Rights

The Strength of Reputation

Reputation is about more than racking up awards and accolades—but it certainly can’t hurt. And while we love the recognition, we’re most proud of our award-winning platform that continues to connect companies to communities by using feedback to fuel growth.

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We’re Better Together

We’re also pretty excited about the company we keep—more than 250 integration partners, including Google, Facebook, Salesforce, J.D. Power, Amazon and

But at the end of the day, we’d be nowhere without our customers

We are Motivated by Four Basic Principles 

  1. The Desire to Humanize All Data
  2. The Importance of Anticipating Every Need
  3. The Challenge to Beat Our Best
  4. The Belief that Feedback Fuels Growth

At the end of the day, relationships matter.

So, reach out. See what we’re all about.

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