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David Mingle
State Of The Industry: The Macro-Shift In Consumer Feedback
Dave Mingle, Vice President of Product at Reputation, the leading reputation management platform for the automotive industry, discusses how extracting insights from holistic data can drive strategy and lead to success.
Consumer Feedback Has Changed And Why it Matters
How Consumer Feedback Has Changed – And Why It Matters
In this webinar, the former Global Director of Customer Experience Strategy at General Motors shares straightforward methodologies to help dealers extract actionable insights from feedback data to make informed decisions and win business.
Exterior lot of a Principle Auto Group dealership
Principle Auto Group is Enhancing Customer Experience and Boosting ROI with Reputation
Principle Auto Group, a prominent player in the automotive industry, faced challenges in maintaining consistent communication and managing online reviews across its diverse stores. Read how Reputation helped them streamline their efforts to enhance their customer experience.
Rep Score Improvement Auto Industry
Important Reputation Score Enhancements for the US Automotive Industry
Learn about the important improvements to Reputation Score for the automotive industry. Discover how this powerful metric can enhance your online reputation and drive customer actions. Find out what factors make up Reputation Score and how you can take action to improve it.
Automotive Reputation Report 2023
Wir haben 5,5 Millionen Bewertungen von Auto-Käufern und Werkstatt-Besuchern weltweit analysiert, um Einblicke in die sich verändernde Verbraucherstimmung zu erhalten. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Macht der Rezensionen, um Ihre Verkäufe zu fördern und ein Top-OEM oder -Autohaus zu sein.
Five Acceptance Insurance team members
How Acceptance Insurance Redefined Customer Relationships and Transformed Business Success
Discover how Acceptance Insurance, a trusted insurance agency, revolutionized its online presence with Reputation, driving remarkable growth in star ratings, reviews, and revenue. Explore their strategic shift towards unified customer relationship management that resonates with their ethos of community support.
2023 Automotive Reputation Report Supplement: Small & Medium-Sized UK Dealer Groups Rankings
Unveiling the 2023 Automotive Reputation Report: Discover AM100 small & mediumsized UK Dealer Group rankings, the impact of consumer feedback, and key insights to elevate automotive brand reputations. Dive into the data-driven world of the automotive industry with our comprehensive analysis.
Cover image of 2023 Auto Report
2023 Automotive Reputation Report
Our Auto Reputation Report analyzed over 35,000 dealerships globally to deliver actionable insights that help automotive dealerships & OEMs improve operations and drive revenue.
parked cars
Preparing for the 2030 Non-Electric Vehicle Ban: A Guide for Automotive Dealerships & Service Centres
Get ready for the ban on non-electric vehicle sales. Learn about consumer concerns about EVs, and the impact on servicing and sales.
Exterior shot of Lookers car dealership
How does Reputation help Lookers to deliver a great customer experience?
Reputation enables Lookers to listen to its customers and put feedback to work to improve the brand's online reputation.
JCT600 Leeds Ferrari car dealer
How Reputation helps JCT600 to put feedback to work
JCT600 partnered with Reputation to put feedback to work for all of its dealership locations across the North West of England. As a result of the partnership, JCT600's dealerships have gone from strength to strength.
Kia Stinger
VIDEO: How Reputation helps Kia UK increase sales and service leads
By partnering with Reputation, Kia exceeded its own expectations and consolidated its place as one of Britain’s best-loved automotive brands with a staggering increase in its UK market share. They now boast a Reputation Score that sites above industry average, highlighting the effectiveness of the brand’s customer-first approach.

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