2023 Automotive Reputation Report Supplement: Small & Medium-Sized UK Dealer Groups Rankings

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Reputation is thrilled to announce the release of new rankings for small & medium-sized UK dealer groups to supplement our latest Automotive Reputation Report!

Our 2023 report delves deep into the automotive landscape, analysing a whopping 5.5 million car buyers and service reviews. This extensive report illustrates the evolving sentiment of automotive customers and the pivotal role of consumer feedback in the industry.

Consumer Feedback’s Influence on the Automotive Customer Journey

Despite challenges like an uncertain economy and high car prices, the industry continues to grow. This is reflected by an 11% uptick in automotive consumer review volumes in 2023.

Automotive companies that actively engage with customers and learn from customer feedback are the ones reaping the benefits of this growth. This is underscored by the report’s industry rankings, which rank brands according to Reputation Scores comprised of three metrics – engagement, consumer sentiment, and online visibility.

Moreover, the report further emphasises the importance of consumer feedback as an integral part of the customer journey:

Supplemental UK Dealer Group Rankings & Analysis 2023

While the 2023 Automotive Reputation Report included the largest dealer groups by turnover, Reputation’s data science team applied the same methodology to reveal additional rankings for the smaller groups represented in the UK AM100 (2022).

Howards Motor Group leads this supplemental table with a score of 855, boasting an impressive sentiment score of 92 and a perfect engagement score of 100. They are closely followed by Toomey Motor Group and Vantage Motor Group with scores of 818 and 792, respectively.

Meanwhile, two brands, Howards Motor Group, and SG Petch, have achieved a perfect engagement score of 100. This indicates their active involvement and interaction with their customer base.

Toomey Motor Group has the highest sentiment score of 98, suggesting extremely positive customer feedback. This is followed closely by Howards Motor Group with a sentiment score of 92.

Ranking*1Dealer Group Brand*2Reputation Score*3Sentiment %Visibility %Engagement %
1Howards Motor Group8559277100
2Toomey Motor Group818986585
3Vantage Motor Group792866999
4W R Davies Motor Group765856687
5Brayleys Cars762727699
6Barretts of Canterbury749826495
8SG Petch7337963100
9Waylands Automotive732806299
10Riverside Motors726736899
11Chorley Group718826699
12Marriott Motor Group715677496
14D. M. Keith Limited700776180
16Burrows Motor Company696716593
17Endeavour Automotive692716583
18Ancaster Group689686596
19City West Country Limited686736092
20Cotswold Motor Group684766261
21VT Holdings677706490
22William Morgan Group677656598
23Sandown Group6767159100
24Parkway Derby Limited675626994
25Brindley Group672666780
27Vines Group664596899
28Eden Motor Group659666284
29Cathedral Motors Ltd648656095
30JCB Medway Ltd643626386
31Ocean Group643645997
32Drive Motor Retail640686065
33Thurlow Nunn634616384
34Fish Brothers625606285
35Bowker Motor Group622655595
36Ford Retail620556493
38John Grose Group618675379
39Richmond Motor Group609645593
40Frank G Gates Ltd601476987
41Caffyns PLC592585782
42TC Harrison Ford568585853
43Hartwell PLC565426499
44Donnelly Group558674890
45Drift Bridge Group544466168
46Heritage Automotive536445885
47Stephen James Group536505752
48BMW Retail (Park Lane)535406193
49Foray Motor Group523565686
50Day’s Motor Group373434443
*1 Rankings updated on 11/10/2023.
*2 Supplement rankings are determined by evaluating the AM100 (51 to 100 by turnover) dealer groups in the UK. 
*3 Excludes social media data.

How Dealer Group Brands Can Put Feedback to Work

Consumer feedback is a powerful tool driving transformative change in the automotive industry. Embracing and acting upon this feedback can be a differentiator for dealer group brands, setting them apart in a competitive market where actionable data matters.

By harnessing these insights, brands can not only enhance their reputation but also foster stronger relationships with their customers, improve the customer experience and generate more revenue in the process.

Here are some actionable steps from our Automotive Reputation Report that you can use to put feedback to work at your automotive company:

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