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Rev Up Your Online Presence and Subaru of America, Inc. have joined together to move your reputation and social media management into the fast lane.

The basic service, paid for by Subaru, gives you do-it-yourself access to our dashboard and enables you to use the Reputation Live mobile app to request reviews.

Our Silver and Gold plans take things to the next level by enabling you to leverage our expertise with a dedicated Customer Success Manager and managed services. That lets you do what you do best – selling and servicing vehicles!

SAF Eligible Retailers can apply AdFund dollars to these plans and reduce the cost by up to 70%!

Managed Service Plans

Silver Plan


(before SAF reimbursement)

Basic Services plus:

Gold Plan


(before SAF reimbursement)

Everything in Silver plus:

Take advantage of one of these streamlined, turn-key solutions today! Once you enroll, we will take care of making sure everything is set up and functioning smoothly, including automatic SAF reimbursement.

Reputation: The Trusted Solution for Automotive

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Reviews and Organic Social Posts

Managed Services Retailers are Reaping Benefits!

+ 0 pt

72 Point Higher Reputation Scores

+ 0 X

5-6X More Views and Clicks on Listings

+ 0 %

41% Higher Review Response Rates

*Stats as of March 2019

Stand Our and Attract More Customers

  • Higher Search Rankings. Make sure your dealership shows up at the top of results for search, maps, social media
  • Better Reviews. Create a steady stream of fresh, representative customer reviews –and respond to them
  • Active Engagement. Maintain a strong presence on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram
Take advantage of one of these streamlined, turn-key solutions today! Once you enroll, we will take care of making sure everything is set up and functioning smoothly, including automatic SAF reimbursement.

Reduce your cost by up to 70%!

Subaru of America, Inc. SAF Eligible Retailers can apply AdFund dollars to these plans

Plan Features

Our custom-designed, integrated platform and mobile apps – combined with dedicated customer service – enable you to manage your online reputation more efficiently and effectively.
Base Platform: Our Reputation Experience Management platform houses all of the tools you need in one place, with an easy-to-use interface, customizable views and reports, and helpful notifications to keep you on track.
Reputation Mobile App: Manage your location’s reputation and elevate your customer experience from anywhere. Request and respond to reviews via text message, post updates to social channels, and more. Available for iOS and Android.
Review Monitoring: Use our dashboard to see your reviews from multiple sites in one place, your average review rating across all sites, sentiment trends and more.
Automated Review Requesting via Email: After a customer buys a car or receives service, we will send out emails asking them to provide a review on select third-party sites.
Request Reviews with Quick Request via Email or SMS: Utilize the Quick Request or Bulk Upload feature to send review requests to your customers.
Review Notifications: Get alerts via email or the Reputation Mobile app to let you know when new reviews have been posted.
Managed Review Response: Our staff will respond to reviews and monitor comments and responses on your behalf, according to your specifications.
Review Streaming: We will add recent reviews from multiple sites to your website so customers can read them all in one spot. This will also enhance your website's SEO (search engine optimization).
Email and Phone: A dedicated email account and toll-free customer care line enable you to ask quick questions and address urgent needs at your convenience.
Dedicated Account Manager: A customer success manager will be assigned to manage every aspect of your account, including regular status calls and updates.
Reputation Score: Use our dashboard to get an at-a-glance evaluation of your online reputation with a score that includes your star average, review volume and more.
Reporting and Analytics: From our online dashboard you can view trends in customer response and feedback. You can also produce and distribute a variety of reports that track your reputation progress over time and enable you to spot patterns and issues.
Analyze the Local Competition: See how your dealership’s online reputation stacks up against other dealers like Honda, Toyota, Mazda, etc.
Listings Management: We will reconcile duplicate listings and fix data conflicts on online sites, as well as create and claim listings at key sites.
Traffic Insights: Understand how customers find and act on business listings, then use that information to drive traffic and engage customers.
Social Publishing: Use our platform to create and schedule your own posts.
Managed Social Publishing: We will create and publish attractive and engaging posts on sites like Facebook each week (3 brand-related posts and 1 lifestyle post).
Social Community Management: Our social media team will monitor activity, delete spam, alert you to items that need your attention, and engage with people who comment on our social media posts.
*Before SAF reimbursement. Sales tax may apply.

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