SUV driving down mountainside road
Subaru + Reputation

Subaru Case Study:
One Platform. The Entire Customer Journey.

The Impact of Social Listening

“…Using the Reputation platform creates a seamless way for our internal teams to surface and identify opportunities to improve the retail experience.”


additional cars sold per year for invested dealers.


in annual incremental sales per enrolled dealership vs non- enrolled dealerships.


competitive monitors capture real-time industry intel and identify potential customers.

SUV driving down mountainside road


Subaru’s ‘Love Promise’ is the company’s vision to show love and respect to all people during every interaction with the brand. To realize their vision in a digitised ‘feedback economy’, Subaru partnered with Reputation to centralize customer feedback, enable Subaru’s dealerships to listen to their customers across multiple touchpoints, and sell more cars at each dealership.

Since partnering with Reputation, Subaru has been able to fulfil its ‘Love Promise’ resulting in higher car sales and greater revenue for their dealerships.

How Subaru Sells More Cars With Reputation

Developed a Robust Product Offering for Dealers:

  • Subaru created custom packages for dealers to choose from including Reviews, Listings, Insights, Managed Review Response and Social Suite
  • Centralizing both solicited and unsolicited feedback empowers Subaru’s decision makers to adjust operations to meet the changing needs of their customers
  • Maintain and scale their Love Promise mission to keep the customer at the centerfold of their company

Solicited and Unsolicited Feedback

Through Reputation’s Reviews module, Subaru was able to centralize solicited and unsolicited feedback from customers. Crucially, by having the capability to respond to all forms of feedback, Subaru was able to deliver its ‘Love Promise’, showing respect and love to customers discussing the brand online.

Dealer Participation

Reputation’s modular solution enabled Subaru to create customised solutions for its dealerships. What’s more, is that Subaru was able to secure the visibility of all participating dealers through the Reputation platform thus ensuring accountability across its networks.

The Results

Subaru’s partnership with Reputation has resulted in:

  • 21 additional cars sold per year for invested dealers.
  • $900k in annual incremental sales per enrolled dealership vs non- enrolled dealerships.
  • 5 competitive monitors capture industry intel and identify potential customers.

Reputation is one source of data that was never previously accessed that we can use to answer any of our questions, at any time.”

Anna Davis, Senior Global Marketing Associate, Stryker

The Client

Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, delivering life-saving products for Surgical, Neurotechnology, Orthopedics and Spine divisions. The Neurovascular team specializing in physician products for stroke and aneurysm patients, has undergone a unique period of growth, hitting a billion dollars in revenue and an increasingly competitive landscape. Additionally, while other product divisions skew long-established, neurovascular is fast-moving — products are newer, physicians are younger, the market is active on social and tightly interwoven, becoming strong building blocks for digital opportunity.

The Challenge

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the health industry in more ways than one.
For Stryker, marketing, communications and product management teams who previously met with myriads of physicians weekly for one on one customer intel and feedback were now struggling to just meet with a handful virtually. A small data pool means small insights (while so much was being said online, and missed). Internal discussions were overcome by the question, ‘How can we improve our voice of the customer (VOC) during the digital transformation?’

While investigating platforms to support the upcoming initiative, marketing teams were manually monitoring activity on social media. Screen shots from known physicians on Twitter and LinkedIn to piece together a trend story just was not cutting it.

Comprehensive, 24/7 online market capture and an accurate VOC turned from a want to a need, and social/industry listening was the answer.

Everything physicians are saying is pretty important, and Reputation allows us to capture it even if they’re not on a call with me, talking to me.”

Anna Davis, Senior Global Marketing Associate, Stryker

The Solution

Throughout scavenging for the perfect platform, Stryker realized that Reputation had a reputation that preceded itself. From social insights to competitive intelligence, Reputation’s suite of digital capabilities had them sold. Since then, implementation of Reputation Listen has delivered:

Robust Voice of Customer Data

Stryker can now collect rich data from all social media angles and get as granular as filter capabilities by product. Physician experiences with neurovascular products, brand sentiment, customer feedback and monitoring for relationship building, can all be accessed on just one centralized platform.

Competitive Intelligence

Stryker now leverages insights on overall product usage in the market to dial into how they compare to competitors, understand customer sentiment, and discover themes in competitive feedback for actionable takeaways. Recently, when a product received FDA clearance, the team needed an answer ASAP — was it on the market yet? By tapping into the Reputation platform, Stryker found a post from just two days prior announcing first-time product usage. “It allows us to get that competitive intelligence that we wouldn’t get as quickly if we just talk to sales reps,” says Anna Davis, Senior Global Marketing Associate at Stryker.

Intuitive Market Trends

Providing a high-level view of the product landscape amongst physicians in the industry, Reputation Listen has uncovered access to clinical and publication trends, conversations, and data analytics. When
a trending conversation emerged within physician groups regarding a specific medical condition, Stryker was quick to detect it and leverage that information to become part of the conversation and inform future business decisions. Armed with above and beyond solutions to the VOC challenges, Stryker has now implemented all industry and brand learnings to influence relevant communications on Twitter and LinkedIn, ad messaging in journals, clinical benefits within sales rep brochures, all using the same language as the customer.

The Reputation platform has quickly gained traction internally and externally for Stryker, leading to a top-tier consumer-centric company. It can do the same for you. Anna says Reputation is like an “ongoing data gathering, information-collecting machine that she can use to make smart decisions,” and that’s just the starting point for the impact it can have on your business.

In my opinion, the Reputation platform offers the best solution out there. The platform is great, easy to use, and I really like the modular approach. Our dealers have the power to respond and influence customers’ opinions in real time, from within the Reputation platform.”

Anna Davis, Senior Global Marketing Associate, Stryker

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