Security FAQ

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our Security. You can read more information about our Security Posture here.

Will you use my data to build advertising products or sell it to third parties?

No. For more details, visit our Privacy Policy.

Will you disclose or sell the data and PII that I provide you about my customers?

No. We use the data you provide us about your customers only to provide your services and for no other purpose.

How is my password secured?

We securely encrypt your passwords. Passwords are one-way encrypted using the bcrypt algorithm, with a random salt for each password. This means that only the original creator of the password knows its value. This type of encryption is extraordinarily difficult to break. When passwords must be retrieved, public/private key encryption is used, with a key length of 4096 or greater. Access and retention of passwords are strongly controlled and logged.

How do you protect Credit Card and Financial Information?

Reputation.com does not store credit card numbers and security information. If you provide a credit card number to purchase a service, it is turned into a secure token by our credit card processing company. We only store the secure token on our systems. We DO NOT collect or store personal financial data, Social Security Numbers, National Insurance numbers, or government-issued ID numbers of any kind.

How can I protect my Reputation.com account?

Is the data flowing between the business and the vendor’s cloud-computing infrastructure secured?

Yes. A proven, standard algorithm with at least a 1024-bit key is used for all communications between cloud servers.

Are you HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. Our products are HIPAA complaint, with employees required to complete HIPPAA. Our Business Associates Agreement is available upon request.

Are you PCI Compliant?

Yes. Reputation.com is PCI DDS 3.1 compliant.

Do you do background checks on your employees?

What third-party security assessments has Reputation.com undergone?

Where can I learn more about protecting my privacy and security on Reputation.com?

This document contains only answers to frequently asked questions. Reputation.com has developed a robust Privacy Policy, which you can access here.