RXM in Action: Winning Customers with Business Listings

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RXM in Action: Winning Customers with Business Listings explains the what, why and how of adding value with business listings which help companies get found and chosen. This short presentation includes exclusive content from our Training Manager as well as an interview with our Senior Solution Engineer to breakdown what successful companies do with business listings that other companies don’t. This has been created for those with great business listings experience and those just getting started. Join us to learn actionable insights from those who know the products and practices best. You’ll specifically learn:

  • How to use business listings to increase visibility, conversion and ultimately revenue
  • The journey from Needs to Results of how successful real live companies use listings
  • Why Google is so important and how to capitalize on the new digital front door
  • The most common sites for business listings companies neglect

Presenters: Colby Kennedy, Siôn Owen, Avi Putty

Recorded Jun 25 2020 ❘ 30 mins

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