An Introduction to Customer Surveys

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Reputation is delighted to present our latest video resource: ‘An Introduction to Customer Surveys.’ 

Customer surveys are a critical part of business and marketing operations in today’s world. Positive customer opinion about your brand is ultimately what will drive revenue and business growth as well-managed surveys optimise the customer experience and establish consumer loyalty.

Click the player below to view ‘An Introduction to Customer Surveys’. Alternatively, click here to view it on our YouTube channel.

In under two minutes, this video will give viewers insight into:

  • How companies can employ a range of media to garner customer opinion, including SMS, messaging apps and email.
  • The benefits of genuine customer surveys to your company’s Local SEO.
  • How Reputation’s industry-leading platform delivers everything you need to create, deploy and evaluate first-class customer surveys.
  • …and much more!

Learn More

We hope you enjoyed watching ‘An Introduction to Customer Surveys’. For further information about utilising customer surveys effectively, please see the recommended resources section at the end of the page.

You may also visit our dedicated ‘Surveys’ page to gain further insight into how Reputation can take your customer surveys to the next level. Better still, we’ve got a free ebook entitled ‘How to Build Customer Surveys That Yield Actionable Feedback’ available to download via the button below (redirects to another page).

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