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How Sk:n Clinics Achieved Higher Customer Ratings and Improved Its Online Reputation

4.4 /5

star rating in 2022 up from 3.1 in 2020

163 %

increase in reviews by utilising Review Booster


increase in Reputation Score since 2021

98 %

response rate to reviews across 2021-2022


Losing out on revenue to its competitors due to poor Google review scores, Sk:n Clinics sought a unified customer feedback solution and focus its efforts on driving its Google profile.

By partnering with Reputation, Sk:n Clinics not only consolidated its customer feedback into a single platform but also achieved monumental growth rates in review volumes, listing views and star ratings.

How Sk:n Clinics Improved Its Ratings & Online Reputation

To enhance its Google profile and stand out online, Sk:n Clinics set out to:

  • Replace siloed solutions with a unified solution to manage different feedback channels
  • Implement high-level reporting functionality to provide detailed insights into the brand’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Secure an all-in-one solution capable of growing alongside their business as it scales
  • Establish a solution to drive Google review volumes and respond to customer feedback across the web

To achieve these aims, Sk:n invested in Reputation’s all-in-one Reputation Experience Management platform to enable the brand to respond to reviews, request reviews from customers and manage business its listings across its locations.

With Reputation, Sk:n Clinics has achieved a 98% review response rate across 2021-2022.

Reviews & Ratings

Since partnering with Reputation, Sk:n Clinics has:

  • Increased review response rates significantly to achieve a 98% response rate
  • Boosted its star ratings from 3.1 in 2020 to 4.4 in 2022
  • Raised review volume by 163% by deploying Review Booster

Surveys & Listings

Through Reputation’s respective Surveys and Listings modules, Sk:n Clinics has achieved:

  • 1,919 survey completions in 2021, compared to 18,000+ in 2022 to-date
  • 95% increase in listings views to reach 11.5 million views (up from 5.9m from previous period)

Sk:n Clinics boasts a Reputation Score that is 96 points above the industry average.

Reputation Score

Overhauling its customer experience programme, Sk:n Clinics adopted Reputation’s proprietary Reputation Score to monitor, understand and improve its overall brand health. Now, Sk:n Clinics’ Reputation Score sits at 576 which is 96 points above the industry average score and represents a 132-point increase since implementing Reputation. 

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