BrightSpring uses Reputation to improve both Customer and Employee Sentiment​

98 %

Response rate on Glassdoor and Indeed increased from 65% to 98% YOY (2021 vs 2022).

“Now top operators, regional VPs, and high-level executives in the company are hearing about online reviews daily and weekly because of reports they get from the platform. It’s very top of mind and the visibility is so important.”

– Leigh White, BrightSpring’s VP, Communications/PR


BrightSpring, a top provider of home- and community- based health services, came to Reputation in 2021 for help improving their consumer star ratings and reviews. The team quickly realized the power of our platform doesn’t end with consumers — it spans into employees.

The Big Story

The Great Resignation. 

If you’re on LinkedIn, there’s no doubt you’ve frequently stumbled upon this subject matter.. As employee retention has become a growing priority in all industries, one leading healthcare company expedited that to the forefront. 

BrightSpring, a top provider of home- and communitybased health services, came to Reputation in 2021 for help improving their consumer star ratings and reviews. The team quickly realized the power of our platform doesn’t end with consumers — it spans into employees. What began as a one-brand, patient-driven campaign flourished into a company-wide employee satisfaction initiative leveraging social publishing, review management, and employee sentiment. 

Leigh White, BrightSpring’s VP of Communications/PR and longtime Reputation user, said, “We can’t expect employees to provide a great patient experience if we’re not supporting them the way they want to be supported. Let’s find out what people are saying about us and see how we can impact their experience.” They’ve done just that.

The Client

The BrightSpring footprint spans all 50 U.S. states, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Encompassing both provider and pharmaceutical services, BrightSpring brands are made up of over 50,000 employees and over 20 brands. 

But, who is BrightSpring really? A company that prides itself on quality and continuous improvement. From client and patient management to technology innovations, the organization is committed to making every patient’s day better than the last. 

Paying attention to the employee’s voice was an undeniable opportunity for continued improvement.

The Challenge

BrightSpring remained in the dark when it came to their employee online sentiment. Employee satisfaction surveys were completed once every two years. Management was somewhat aware of employee review sites, but a centralized process was lacking. Needless to say, there was no troubleshooting or responding. 

A change was necessary. 

How can BrightSpring not only access but understand why employees were happy, sad, or making a change in employment? How can that information be transformed into actionable insights?

By focusing on the aggregated feedback we receive from current and former employees through sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, we’re able to hone in on what matters most to our team members. This helps with retention, allowing us to provide higher quality service to those we support.”

Leigh White, BrightSpring’s VP, Communications/PR

The Solution

In comes Reputation’s strategic approach to understanding employee sentiment by extracting and managing reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor. Digestible reports are sent out throughout the company both on a per-brand basis and at the macro level per-service line (hospice, home health, etc.). 

BrightSpring’s Leigh White said, “Reputation quickly condenses strengths and weaknesses so we can action on those regularly, not annually but weekly and monthly.”

BrightSpring can now offer initiatives like flyers, cards, and employee appreciation events that drive reviews right back into Reputation. 

Most importantly, the company can tap into the raw, unsolicited data on the platform — the why behind employee dissatisfaction. 

BrightSpring is also the first to utilize Reputation’s Competitive Intelligence for employees, providing valuable insights into how they stack up against competitors with a honed perspective on employee sentiment. 

Armed with all this information, BrightSpring has a clear view of their first impression online from both current and prospective employees. 

Where does that take them? Improved star ratings and employee retention.

The Execution

Communications. PR. Marketing. Media. Social. HR. Patient experience.

Teams across the company have access to actionable insights that can influence change. In fact, within the Community Living industry, leaders responsible for recruitment and retention meetings have even embedded this feedback into their monthly agendas.

BrightSpring leverages Reputation’s social publishing capabilities to repurpose raw reviews and turn them into powerful social content on LinkedIn and Facebook. This furthers their employee transparency initiative and incites current employees to provide their own reviews.

That’s just the beginning. From the potential addition of online review requests to use of data for bonus structures, employees stand at the forefront of BrightSpring’s strategic business decisions. It’s clear that their voice will always matter.

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