Reputation’s Platform Reintroduced as Comprehensive Offering That Is More Actionable, More Conversational and More Open

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — February 1, 2021 Reputation, the global leader in reputation experience management, today announced the relaunch of its Reputation platform. Available today to Reputation customers, the Reputation platform now incorporates Reputation Score X, Experience Insights and Feedback Anywhere — among other capabilities — in a single, comprehensive platform. Along with refreshed branding and a renewed focus for 2021, the Reputation platform relaunch reflects the company’s mission to deliver new innovations to its customers that will help them create consistently excellent customer experiences and fuel business growth.

Making Sense of Customer Interactions 

With the overwhelming amount of customer interaction and feedback data that exists today, it’s challenging for brands to get a solid read on their customers’ overall perception of the company and how it compares to the competition. In addition, while various metrics are commonly used to gauge performance, it’s difficult for brands to gather feedback data from disparate listening posts and then know what to do to improve in the eyes of their customers. Now, Reputation solves these challenges with a platform that is better than ever — more actionable, more conversational and more open. It incorporates the following to stitch together a wholly comprehensive offering:

  • More actionable. The Reputation platform features Reputation Score X, a new prescriptive analytics tool that shows where a brand stands today, how it got there and what it should do next to improve. Experience Insights consolidates all review and survey data in a centralized location so brands can gain a better understanding of what their customers are saying by topic or by sentiment. Competitive Reporting (Beta) shows the competition’s Reputation Scores, star ratings, reviews and customer feedback and provides direction on how to come out on top.
  • More conversational. Static survey tools aren’t dynamic enough to support real-time conversations. The Reputation platform is built for modern companies who understand their customers’ increased reliance on text and SMS-based communication. Conversational Surveys use text messages to make responding to customer surveys personalized and easy. Brands can meet their customers where they are — on their smartphone — and collect and respond to feedback in-the-moment from the Reputation platform. 
  • More open. The Reputation platform is open, which means it seamlessly integrates with a brand’s other important data sources to provide centralized access to all the metrics that matter. Feedback Anywhere displays third-party data streams alongside a brand’s Reputation data to create a holistic view of the customer experience.

“Reputation is committed to helping brands raise their XM game, but to do that well, we must constantly innovate to reflect the evolving nature of customer expectations,” said Pranav Desai, vice president of Product Management, Reputation. “We will continue to introduce new capabilities and functionality to our Reputation platform in order to help brands create consistently excellent customer experiences and fuel business growth amid the rapid pace of change.”

The Reputation platform is available now to existing Reputation customers. For more information, please visit

About Reputation

Reputation, creator of the Reputation Experience Management category, is changing the way companies gather and act on customer feedback to drive decision making and enhance Customer Experience (CX) programs. Reputation’s interaction-to-action platform translates vast amounts of solicited and unsolicited feedback data into prescriptive insights that companies use to learn from and grow. Thousands of global organizations rely on the patented algorithms behind Reputation Score X™ to provide a reliable index of brand performance in order to make targeted business improvements. Backed by Bessemer Ventures and Kleiner Perkins, and trusted by over 250 integration partners, including Google, Facebook, Salesforce, J.D. Power, Amazon and, Reputation turns feedback into the fuel to grow businesses around the world. Visit to learn more.


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