Idea Forum FAQs

What is the product idea forum?

The Reputation product idea forum is a third party service that allows Reputation platform users to submit ideas to enhance the product, vote on existing ideas, and stay connected on any updates of where these ideas fit within product development. This helps directly closing the loop in communicating once an idea has been implemented as a feature.

How do you benefit from the forum?

  • Keeping you up to date on the status of new feature developments.
  • Providing insight into feature suggestions from peers, with the option to up-vote the suggestions that provide benefit to your business and/or use cases.
  • Giving you a forum to not only be heard but also learn from your peers.

What is the product idea forum not?

The forum focuses on ideas in regards to product improvements. It is not a place to report and track bugs or any other issues outside of product ideas.

How can I reference the forum?

Reputation users can access the forum via the Resource menu, item “Idea Portal” in the platform. You will automatically be logged in via a Single-Sign-On. The forum is only available in English!

Reputation employees have a different set of permissions and access the forum via an internal directory!

How does idea submission work?

To interact with ideas, you can:

  1. Search or type to see if your idea already exists. Partial matches are highlighted.
  2. Vote on suggestions you think will solve a problem for your business.
  3. Submit your own idea(s) if you have an idea that’s not yet listed.
    • Try to include only one suggestion per post.
    • Focus on the job you try to accomplish or problem you are trying us to solve.
    • Avoid exposing any account or personal identifiable information.

What happens after a user submits an idea?

Submissions are reviewed on a regular basis to determine their nature.

If an idea is not related to product functionality, the idea isn’t going to be approved in the
forum, but the submitter will be contacted and the suggestion will be forwarded to the
appropriate team.

After an idea or comment is approved, Reputation Product Managers will review the new submission and may reach out to users directly to better understand the use cases, may merge ideas, and update status on ideas accordingly.

Product Managers will decide if ideas are ready to be included in new features or if additional validation of the idea is needed through votes and engagement in the idea portal. Product Managers update idea statuses accordingly and may defer ideas based on lack of engagement.

How are decisions made about ideas submitted?

  • Product Managers review and provide updates for the most popular suggestions on a regular basis.
  • New features are selected and scheduled based on a number of factors, including:
    • Customer Feedback – Interviews, research activities, idea submissions, events, training, surveys, and more.
    • Support and Customer Success Teams – Client-facing teams know which issues are the most challenging.
    • Partner Insights – Solution partners help the Reputation team better understand real-world deployments.
    • Product Analytics – How existing features are utilized.
    • Product Strategy – Long-term strategic vision.
  • Roadmaps are not published with specific release dates.

What do the statuses on the ideas mean?

Public facing statuses are used to help Reputation Product Managers communicate where suggestions are at in the process. Supporters of an idea (voters, submitters) or people who subscribed to updates will receive an email when a status is changed.

Gathering Interest
An idea that needs validation and engagement from additional users e.g. votes, use cases/comments to understand its traction or market value.
An idea that will be worked on within the next 6 months either by itself or as part of a larger feature.
In Development
An idea that is actively being worked on through customer interviews, design, coding, QA, etc.
An idea that was developed into a feature or product and is in user testing. This may be limited to a specific audience or offered as part of the Beta program.
An idea that was developed into a feature or product and was released to all users of the platform.
Learn more about Reputation’s latest releases.
An idea that isn’t feasible due to API or other technical limitation, or an idea that hasn’t gotten enough user traction within the last 6 months of being posted. Items that are deferred because of “not enough traction” may be resurrected if similar ideas are added to the idea forum in the future.

How can a user find an idea in the forum?

There are multiple ways to find an idea, the easiest being using the search bar to start typing your idea. Anything you type that matches an idea is highlighted in the text.

Additionally, you can sort ideas by:

  • Only reviewing the ideas you submitted (“My feedback”).
  • Drilling down by categories.
  • Reviewing new ideas.
  • Reviewing “hot ideas” – ideas with most recent comments.
  • Reviewing “top ideas” – ideas with the most votes.
  • Selecting a status.

Why do my submitted ideas/comments not show immediately in the portal?

Upon submission, an approval workflow is triggered. This ensures that users do not overshare specific account information within the suggestions, and confirms the submission is not intended for another team (i.e., a request for support in the platform).

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