Integrate Valuable Customer Sentiment Performance into HubSpot

Integrate Reputation Score sentiment data into your HubSpot reporting today to measure brand and individual locations against industry standards; understand business critical strengths and weaknesses throughout the customer journey; drive new revenue and improve operations efficiency. Take advantage of this integration today and enhance the view of your customer journey!

Gain Visibility

Deep dive into the quality of the social, digital and overall customer experience each individual location provides.

Increase Engagement

Pair business location sentiment data with other HubSpot reports to understand the impact on website visits, leads, revenue and customer retention.

Use Sentiment Data

Robust customer sentiment data equips department leaders with the information they need to create a more welcoming experience for new and existing customers alike.

Why does Reputation Score Sentiment Data Matter?

+ 10 %

Automotive: 10% sales volume in automotive

Reputation Report Automotive Industry 2022

+ 29 %

Healthcare: 29% more per hospital stay

Reputation CMS Healthcare Data

$ 3 M

Property Management: $150k – $3M top-line revenue increase

Reputation Report-Property Management Industry 2022

“At The Arbor Company, we’ve noticed that the higher the Reputation Score, the more digital leads we see, which has gotten our key stakeholders to focus on it. Now having RepScore and other key business location sentiment data within HubSpot, we have everything we need in one place to completely understand the strengths and opportunities for each of our locations throughout the customer journey.”

Mary Cate, Marketing Consultant at The Arbor Company.

Set-Up Guide

If you’re a Reputation & HubSpot customer, you can take advantage of the integration right now! Check out our setup guide to find installation instructions.


Want to learn more about how the integration works?

Check out our data sheet.

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Learn how to leverage sentiment data like star ratings, social media feedback and review data in HubSpot. Check out our blog to read more!

It’s time to discover how Reputation customer sentiment data can enhance your marketing strategy and improve CX.

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