The Covid-19 Vaccine Is Here — What’s Next for Healthcare Leaders?

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Across the leaders are finally seeing some relief as the number of new COVID-19 cases continues to decline. At the same time, however, they are faced with a new challenge: how to manage distribution of the vaccine within their communities. Now that the vaccine is available to anyone over the age of 16, healthcare organizations are focused on getting as many people vaccinated as possible. However, there are some barriers for many consumers to get vaccinated. It’s important to address those barriers head-on where people learn about your vaccination program, including your website and Google My Business (GMB) listing, including:

Patients are keen to access any information about the vaccine, making your website, social media and Google My Business listings a vital source of information. Here are a few tips for how to optimize these channels.

Online Channels: Your Front Line to the Public

Many healthcare providers have experienced a spike in calls to the call center. One way healthcare organizations are working to reduce the strain of call volume is to provide timely, proactive updates online.

Q&A: A Valuable Vaccine Communication Tool

Publishing frequently asked questions about the vaccine and availability on your Google My Business listings and websites makes it easy for consumers to find this information when they are looking for it.

The Q&A feature on Google My Business was built to manage frequently asked questions at scale. In addition to responding to questions from the public, you can use the Q&A section to proactively share questions and answers you anticipate people may ask. The Q&A format is optimized for search because Google crawls the web for answers to serve to users asking questions. Work with your clinical and legal leaders to ensure your answers are carefully reviewed and vetted, then published simultaneously across your website, Google listings, and social media.

Consumers are searching for vaccine information online, and they want to know where and how to get it. Bring all of your Covid-19 related information and access points into the Google Knowledge Panel via your Google My Business listings. A patient can easily get answers, schedule an appointment, or start a virtual visit right from the Google search results.

More Google Features

According to Google, searches for “vaccines near me” have increased 5x since the start of 2021. To help people access timely, accurate vaccine information, Google released several features to help healthcare organizations respond to Covid-19, including new Google My Business attributes for healthcare locations and providers to update operational and safety protocols.

Additionally, Google is now enabling vaccine administrators such as pharmacies and clinics to “alleviate communication burdens, reduce the volume of incoming calls, combat potential misinformation, and boost customer satisfaction” by using Business Messages, a conversational messaging solution.

Reputation Can Help

Covid-19 has put healthcare in a crisis and has changed the way consumers access care. Is your organization ready for the future of patient experience? Reputation offers a complete reputation and patient experience platform – enabling your locations and providers to rank higher in online search, acquire more new patients, and analyze feedback data to make operational improvements. Contact us for a demo today.



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