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Paul Modaley

‘Automation’ is a word on the lips of every business leader as companies the world over strive to automate everything from supply chains to HR to finance.

‘Automation’ may typically conjure images of mechanical robots replacing human labour (à la car manufacturing). However, leaders in all industries recognise that human relationships are at the heart of business and that automation should enhance, rather than replace, interactions between company and customer.

Pioneering businesses automate processes to enhance the outputs of their human employees, improve the customer experience (CX) and drive their online reputation.

Why Companies Should Automate Online Reputation and CX Management

Companies that automate online reputation and CX management benefit in numerous ways, achieving:

  • Consistency across digital platforms, including social media and Google My Business listings;
  • Time-savings and efficiency in response to customer queries and complaints;
  • Rapid response in times of crisis;
  • Minimisation of human error;
  • Compliance with requirements and policies relating to customer service;
  • And much more!

Ultimately, automated online reputation and CX management drives revenues and enhances a company’s ability to scale operations. It is critical, therefore, that you gain an understanding of precisely what your business can automate in its online reputation and CX management practices.


The importance of online listings, particularly Google My Business (GMB), is not to be underestimated as consumers increasingly favour GMB listings over company websites. However, managing separate listings for multiple locations can be a time-consuming, money-draining challenge for companies.

Cutting-edge tools to manage business listings, such as’s business listings solutions, enable businesses to maintain accuracy with ease by automatically pushing correct location data to search engines, social platforms and industry-specific sites.

Automate business listings to enable your company to stand out online with rich, precise business and location listings that drive traffic, calls and clickthroughs.


Customer reviews, including the absence of customer reviews, can make or break a business, and that’s why automating all customer review processes is critical.’s industry-leading online review module helps businesses to get found, get chosen and get better.

Through the online review module, our clients can view customer reviews, respond to customers and garner reviews to build review volume and increase online presence.

Requesting customer reviews via SMS’s award-winning platform enables companies to automate SMS review requests.


Designing and deploying customer surveys used to be a time-consuming and costly process, but thanks to our unique platform, this is no longer the case. With our surveys module, businesses can rapidly create and customise surveys to generate high response rates through email, SMS or at location-based kiosks. What’s more, is that our surveys module automates data collection and presents teams with at-a-glance metrics and actionable data on one intuitive dashboard.


Your business needs robust data to identify and address issues and weaknesses before they affect your reputation and customer experience.’s Competitive Benchmarking tools deliver unprecedented insight into how you’re performing in comparison to competitors or other locations, across a range of industry-specific metrics. Furthermore, our Sentiment Analysis tool presents visually-pleasing, useful word clouds which illustrate what customers are saying about your brand across all channels.


Closing the loop on customer feedback efficiently without sacrificing the quality of service is extremely important. allows businesses to centralise and automate ticket management with role-based dashboards. Customisable rules can be implemented to automate ticket workflows and notify team members when tickets are created. With our platform, you’ll never miss an opportunity to demonstrate to customers that they matter most.

Can You Afford Not To Automate Your Online Reputation and CX Management?

As the business world looks to resume operations amidst COVID-19, companies need internal efficiency to get on an even keel in a dog-eat-dog business landscape. By adopting tools to automate online reputation and CX management, companies can direct human resources elsewhere while simultaneously improving their online reputation and customer experience.

At a time when your company may have to do more with less, you absolutely can not afford to overlook automating online reputation and CX management practices.

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