Reputation Debuts Reputation Score Portal at Transform ‘21 North America

May 24, 2021

 Portal utilizes vast amounts of data to provide comprehensive view of customer sentiment scores for about 100K+ U.S. businesses in auto, property management and health care 

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. — May 25, 2021 — Reputation, the global leader in reputation experience management (RXM), today at Transform ‘21 North America unveiled the Reputation Score Portal, the first tool of its kind to provide at-a-glance rankings of businesses based on consumer sentiment. Now, businesses and their customers have a place to explore snapshots of life’s essential businesses and learn how insights can easily be used to take action. 

The Reputation Score Portal utilizes vast amounts of consumer feedback data from online channels to give decision makers a complete view of their brand health. Measured on a scale of 0 to 1,000, the Reputation Score transforms millions of data points into meaningful insights from customer reviews, likes, listings, comments, clicks, and surveys. The Reputation Score Portal can help businesses make more targeted decisions to improve customer experience by highlighting this information for businesses, as well as their nearby competitors. 

The Reputation Score Portal also gives consumers a complete overview of a business, putting everything they would want to know into one place. Going beyond aggregating relevant reviews and ratings, it brings together unstructured feedback from social media, business profiles, and other third-party endorsement platforms, helping potential customers save time when deciding where to take their business. According to a recent study conducted by Forrester, marketing and CX decision makers collect customer feedback and data from an average of six touchpoints and store it across an average of 5.5 separate tools, making it difficult to derive actionable insights from the data collected. 

“Hundreds of sites provide both structured and unstructured feedback about businesses, but to be truly valuable, that data must be humanized, so decision makers and consumers alike can make sense of it throughout their journey together,” says Joe Fuca, Reputation CEO, “Delivering on our belief that feedback fuels progress, we are excited to share Reputation Score Portal, so businesses can make sense of the data they collect every day, and their customers can have consistently excellent experiences.”

With a current focus on some of life’s most essential businesses – auto dealers, property management companies and health care providers – the Reputation Score Portal is the only technology that can collect, compute, analyze and correlate this much information in a meaningful way. Based on a proprietary algorithm and decades of machine learning, it uses descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to explain past behaviors, and help businesses plan for the future with clear next steps. 

“Choosing to buy a car, find a new apartment or doctor are all major life decisions – consumers put in hours of research before making a commitment. At Reputation, we are proud to help businesses that cater to those moments improve the customer experience, while also providing customers with the information they need to make those decisions,” adds Fuca. 

The Reputation Score Portal is now live at For more information about Reputation, please visit

About Reputation
Reputation (formerly, creator of the Reputation Experience Management category, is changing the way companies gather and act on customer feedback to drive decision making and enhance Customer Experience (CX) programs. Reputation’s interaction-to-action platform translates vast amounts of solicited and unsolicited feedback data into prescriptive insights that companies use to learn from and grow. Thousands of global organizations rely on the patented algorithms behind Reputation Score X™ to provide a reliable index of brand performance in order to make targeted business improvements. Backed by Bessemer Ventures and Kleiner Perkins, and trusted by over 250 integration partners, including Google, Facebook, Salesforce, J.D. Power, Amazon and, Reputation turns feedback into the fuel to grow businesses around the world. Visit to learn more.

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