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UK Pharmacies 'Quick Take' Report 2023-24
Discover Reputation Performance trends for 1,900 pharmacy locations in the UK. Check out our rankings of some of the UK's biggest pharmacy brands.
Streamlining Success: Key Insights from Reputation’s Roundtable Event
Reputation's May 2024 roundtable event saw leaders from renowned UK brands get together to discuss innovation, performance, CX and more. Get the latest insights from this exclusive, invitation only event!
Revitalising Gym Brands and the Fitness Industry: Adapting to Consumer Sentiment and Winning Trust in 2024
Discover what matters to gym members in 2024. Learn how your gym brand can win consumer trust and understand member sentiment.
Thrive Communities rendering
Thrive Communities — A Testimony to Review Growth and Sustainability
In property management, distinguishing your brand requires innovation and a keen understanding of resident sentiment. Read how Thrive Communities achieved this by collaborating with Reputation.
How Airport Lounges and Travel Brands are Prioritising Reputation Performance and CX
Explore the significant role of reputation management in the travel industry, unveiling strategies used by SSP, MAG, and No1 Lounges. Discover how prioritising customer experience revolutionises the success of travel brands in the digital era.
Elevate Your Business: Tap into Consumer Sentiment for Growth
How to get the full picture of consumer sentiment by leveraging public and private feedback.
Exterior lot of a Principle Auto Group dealership
Principle Auto Group is Enhancing Customer Experience and Boosting ROI with Reputation
Principle Auto Group, a prominent player in the automotive industry, faced challenges in maintaining consistent communication and managing online reviews across its diverse stores. Read how Reputation helped them streamline their efforts to enhance their customer experience.
Best Practices to Deliver Your Brand Promise and Improve Reputation Performance
Discover key insights from the 2024 cross-industry roundtable event hosted by Reputation, featuring leaders from Hyundai, Kwik Fit, and more.
How Brands Are Winning with Customer Experience Over Price and Product
Senior Customer Experience Strategist, Matthew Patchett, gives us the lowdown on how savvy brands compete over CX rather than price and product.
How Duncan and Todd Elevated Customer Service and Maximised ROI
Partnering with Reputation in January 2023, Duncan and Todd Group has transformed its approach to online reputation management, significantly enhancing customer engagement and driving customer acquisition and loyalty.
PeakMade exterior rendering
Elevating the Resident Experience: PeakMade's Journey to Industry Leadership and Long-Term Resident Advocacy
Since their partnership with Reputation in 2013, PeakMade has experienced significant growth in reputation scores and review volume, creating exceptional leasing velocity while reducing costs across the organization.
Automotive Reputation Report 2023
Wir haben 5,5 Millionen Bewertungen von Auto-Käufern und Werkstatt-Besuchern weltweit analysiert, um Einblicke in die sich verändernde Verbraucherstimmung zu erhalten. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Macht der Rezensionen, um Ihre Verkäufe zu fördern und ein Top-OEM oder -Autohaus zu sein.

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