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How to Drive Patient Acquisition and Loyalty
Check out this webinar to hear how Advocate Aurora Health has transformed the digital healthcare experience and the results of its consumer-focused initiatives.
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How Online Reviews Can Boost The Resident Experience - special podcast with Care Home Management
Join Reputation’s Nathan Griffiths, Strategic Account Executive and Richard Davey, Customer Success Director, for this deep dive podcast into improving the resident experience with Care Home Management.
How to Heat Up Your Social Media Strategy
Discover how marketing experts cut through the noise and create winning social media strategies that set them apart from the competition.
To Improve Patient Experience, Pay Attention to “Feedback Anywhere”
Patient feedback is key to understanding every friction point to be improved across the patient experience. Learn how the best way to understand the entire journey is to bring all feedback into a Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform.
The Feedback Economy and What it Means for Healthcare
Learn how healthcare providers are leveraging online feedback as real-time signals to improve every aspect of the patient experience.
How Patient Feedback is Redefining the Digital Front Door for Pediatric Associates
How Patient Feedback is Redefining the Digital Front Door for Pediatric Associates Reputation Editors With the consumerization of healthcare comes the evolution of the patient experience. Today, that experience expands beyond the clinical setting. It includes researching providers, scheduling an appointment, verifying insurance, paying a bill, providing feedback and more. Regardless of the touchpoint, this […]
Why Healthcare Professionals Should Leverage Social Listening
Social media is changing healthcare — it’s time you changes with it. Start by leveraging social listening to gain insight into patient sentiment.
Lessons from Retail: How Healthcare Can Win by Adapting to Changes in Consumer Behavior
Discover how ProMedica uses customer feedback and a digital-first approach to consumers to achieve stellar results across more than 400 facilities.
BrightSpring uses Reputation to improve both Customer and Employee Sentiment
BrightSpring, a top provider of home- and community- based health services, came to Reputation in 2021 for help improving their consumer star ratings and reviews. The team quickly realized the power of our platform doesn’t end with consumers — it spans into employees.
Google is Co-Opting the Patient Journey (& What You Can Do)
Google is short-cutting the typically a provider-managed conversion process for those seeking care. This webinar will tell you what to do about that.
Stryker uses Social Listening to Power Every Decision with Data Content
The Big Picture Over the course of a year and a half, the Neurovascular division of Stryker, a leading medical device and technology company, developed an evergreen partnership with Reputation. This partnership allowed them to create a robust social listening strategy that has helped shape their ‘customer-focused’ mission. With Reputation Listen, Stryker now has an […]
Why Healthcare Needs to Focus on the Employee Experience
As we enter the recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry needs to focus on its employee experience to succeed.