2023 800 Awards Winners will be announced February 2, 2023

Reputation 800 Award

The 800 Award is one of the highest achievements a business can earn.

Any winner on our 2023 list has proven that they put customer experience at the very core of their strategy, and are driven by the voice of the customer to succeed.

The specific locations that have won the 800 Award set the gold standard for what it means to be truly customer-centric.

How? They consistently collect, understand and apply any and all feedback so that they can make data-driven decisions to ensure that you — the customer — will have the best experience possible.

So how do we determine who wins and when?

The 800 Award is given out annually, so for 2022, we’ll pull a list of all location scores for every business on the Reputation platform on December 31st, 2022, and dive into the data.

Businesses that receive our 2022 award will be honored for their individual locations that strove for high customer satisfaction throughout the year as evidenced by their Reputation Score.

How do we define “Reputation Score?”
Here’s a cool, quick video that sums it up nicely.

Now that we have a definition…what actually goes into the Reputation Score? In a word — everything:

  • Review sentiment, volume, spread, recency, response, and length
  • Brand reach and health
  • Social engagement
  • Listing accuracy
  • Search impressions

Receiving the Award

Earning the 800 Award is a big deal, something that any business should be proud of.

To help our winners celebrate, on February 2, 2023 we will provide a range of customizable assets you can download for free.

We’ll also be sending each winning location window stickers to display their achievement.

Don’t need a physical award?

Should you win, if for whatever reason you do not want your location(s) to receive physical awards, please fill out the form below by February 3, 2023.