Improving the Patient & Provider Experience

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The COVID-19 pandemic furthered the importance of consumer and employee feedback to health systems. Learning to navigate the post-pandemic feedback-driven economy will be vital to the success of healthcare organizations as we enter the pandemic’s recovery phase. With the consumerization of healthcare comes the evolution of the patient experience.

Today, that experience expands beyond the clinical setting. It includes researching providers, scheduling an appointment, verifying insurance, paying a bill, providing feedback and more. Regardless of the touchpoint, this is happening online. On top of all that, consumers are increasingly savvy about using digital channels to find care and leave online feedback that influences the reputations of hospitals and physicians.

In this webinar, we will offer insights into the trends that are driving the consumer journey, including how healthcare is embracing a feedback economy in which ratings and reviews have become the currency driving business performance and growth.

Attendees will learn:

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