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ORM Guide: What is Online Reputation Management?




Whether your business is large or small — with one location or many — your customers are talking about you online. And the viral nature of today’s information can create or destroy your reputation in minutes.

A solid online reputation also has tremendous impact on your bottom line. Recent research by Reputation.com found that online-sourced sales for businesses who have ORM programmes in place grew 24% faster than for those not actively engaged in ORM activities.

By engaging in essential ORM activities — managing online reviews, maintaining accurate business listings, engaging with local communities and target audiences on social media, conducting customer surveys and acting on feedback — you can help ensure your organisation’s success in today’s digital business environment.

This guide explains how ORM works and provides tips and strategies for getting started with an ORM programme in your organisation. You’ll learn:

  • What is Online Reputation Management?
  • What are the three key components of ORM?
  • How to launch an ORM programme in your organisation

Want more insights on how to grow your business with the only platform that brings together online reputation management and gives you the tools to take command of your customer experience?

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