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Recapping COVID-19 Changes To Google My Business and How To Capitalize

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has made numerous changes to the capabilities and rules for using Google My Business (GMB) listings. To capitalize on these changes and stay visible in search with a strong Google presence, businesses must be familiar with those changes and know how to take action. If not, they risk frustrating customers and missing business opportunities that could help them rebound from economic volatility as shelter-in-place orders end.

During this 30-minute session, Google expert Adam Dorfman will recap Google’s changes and answer questions from attendees. You’ll learn:

  • How new data fields relate to business listings that GMB has added since Covid-19
  • How GMB has shifted focus and priority to healthcare with healthcare-specific features
  • Ways in which GMB is helping businesses communicate with customers and communities
  • A timeline of GMB changes and what caused them

Presenters: Colby Kennedy, Adam Dorfman

Recorded Jun 25 2020 ❘ 33 mins

Topic: Through Leadership
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