2020 Automotive Reputation Report — The Race to the Top

2020 Automotive Reputation Report – The Race to the Top

2020 is underway and it’s a race to the top for automotive OEMs, dealer groups and dealerships.

Get your copy of our 2020 Automotive Reputation Report to see:


The state of the industry in 2020 and where you rank against your competition.



Who’s on track to rank among the top brands and dealerships this year.


What brands have top-rated Sales and Service experiences — and who’s lagging.


Why the bar is higher for making the Top 100 list.


How to improve your reputation online and win more business in 2020.

Reputation.com’s 2020 Automotive Reputation Report summarizes our preliminary global analysis of Automotive OEM brands, dealer groups, and 25,000+ dealerships, as they fight for a spot in our Top 100 list. Findings show that some brands and dealerships are ramping up their CX and reputation management efforts, leaving others in the dust.

OEM brands and dealerships will discover valuable insights about their strengths and weaknesses, which they can take action on to improve their Reputation Scores — and their final rankings in our final analysis, coming this Fall.


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