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How to Use Your Reputation Score for Employee Engagement

Higher levels of employee happiness and engagement lead to better customer experiences. Knowing how to use your Reputation Score for employee engagement has multiple benefits for your business. The insights that your Reputation Score offers can be used to improve employee training, emphasize continuous improvement and show staff members how their performance affects customer outcomes.

Why Employee Engagement Matters

Employee engagement is an emerging area of HR recruitment and retention strategy. Highly engaged employees are more connected to the company, and more dedicated to their work and company success. They’re also, unfortunately, rare.

According to Gallup’s State of the American Workforce report, only 33% of U.S. employees identify as being engaged at work. The Gallup data also clearly indicates the correlation between engaged employees and customer experiences.

The work units with the highest employee engagement rates outperformed the lowest by 10% in customer ratings, 17% in productivity, 20% in sales and 21% in profitability. In addition, the top units saw less employee turnover (24%), absenteeism (41%), patient safety issues (58%) and quality defects (40%).

It’s clear that boosting employee engagement is important for any business seeking to improve its bottom-line results.

How to Improve Employee Engagement

There are several things that businesses can do to focus on improving employee engagement:

  • Focus on engagement at the local level with location-specific strategies and operations, instead of following cookie-cutter guidelines and processes.
  • Improve on-boarding and training to help new employees understand roles and be effective sooner.
  • Set and communicate company goals, with a focus on how each person’s work affects business outcomes.
  • Recognize employees for good work and ensure that they are valued for their contributions.
  • Emphasize employee professional development to demonstrate the value of growth.
  • Show employees data and use it to make better decisions.
Business owner bagging groceries for a customer.
Your Reputation Score provides insights that can help improve employee training and processes, leading to better customer experiences.

Using Reputation Score to Boost Employee Engagement

When you focus on improving your Reputation Score, you gain vital insights into the customer experience. You also have access to information that can be used to empower employees and deepen their connections to customers and the business. Here are a couple of ways to use Reputation Score to improve employee engagement:

  • Smarter Training: uses sentiment analysis, customer feedback and trends in reviews, social media and surveys to provide a real-time sense of what’s working and what isn’t. Sharing those findings with managers and employees at the local level helps inform training adjustments and targeted operational changes designed to improve the customer experience.
  • Better Feedback: By tracking, measuring and reporting on customer surveys, reviews and star ratings, your company can provide specific, detailed and actionable feedback to your employees. Use this information to provide constructive assessments of interactions and experiences – good or bad – that can help employees get better. helps brands improve the customer experience with tools for creating and distributing surveys, requesting and using customer reviews and star ratings, social listening, creating accurate and consistent local business listings and improving search results.

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