How to Get Started with Online Reputation Management




What are your customers saying about you online? It matters more than you realize.

Consumers have ample information at their fingertips to research and select products and services, and what they find out online about a company informs their decisions.

According to recent research, 87 percent of Americans say they trust online reviews to help them choose local businesses and services. And eCommerce agency Corra found 88 percent of consumers will scroll past a business if they see a bad review.

In light of these statistics, Marketing departments better tune in and anti up. Managing online reputation effectively and continuously is essential, and those who don’t will be at the mercy of what customers say about them online.

Where Do You Begin?

Getting started with an Online Reputation Management initiative can seem like a big nut to crack, especially if your business has hundreds or even thousands of locations.

You may be starting from scratch, lacking necessary technology and processes, and burdened with convincing executive management to allocate budget to the cause.

We get it. That’s why we created a 3-part eBook series dedicated to the topic.

Online Reputation Management is a discipline that you can take on easily — step by step. Part 1 in our series takes you through the basics of launching an ORM program in your organization — from defining your goals, to determining where to focus your efforts and how to get executive buy-in.

This guide also explains the various components of a solid ORM strategy, and describes key internal partnerships necessary for the success of your ORM initiative.

Read the guide to learn more.

Want more insights on how to grow your business with the only platform that brings together online reputation management and gives you the tools to take command of your customer experience?

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