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The State of Online Reputation Management 2020

We surveyed more than 500 companies and combined our findings with consumer surveys from the UK, US, Germany and Australia to find out the impact of proactive online reputation management with respect to the customer journey, consumer trust and long-term business success.

ORM Guide: What is Online Reputation Management?

A solid online reputation has tremendous impact on your bottom line. Check out this guide to learn the three key components of online reputation management and how to launch an ORM program in your organization.

How to Build Customer Surveys That Yield Actionable Feedback

When surveys are not structured properly, your customers will abandon them and you’ll miss out on the valuable intel you need to make improvements. To increase your completion rates, read our six best practices for building effective surveys.

How Reputation Does It: Reputation Score

Knowing your reputation score can be a game changer for your business — helping you make sure you’re excelling in the key areas you need to maximize your customer appeal.

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