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Engaging Prospects and Grow Revenue with our Social Media Management and Social Listening Tools

With our social suite you can manage posting, publishing, listening, monitoring, and analytics, in order to engage, win and retain customers.

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Have a Complete View

We scan all available social listening data across the largest social networking sites to the smallest blog post comment and everything in between. Get the most comprehensive view into consumer sentiment, comments, and trends on social media.

Identify Untapped Opportunities

Our powerful set of social media and social listening tools gives you the means to stay ahead of your competitors. Analyze mentions of your brand and buying patterns to optimize existing channels, identify new opportunities, and improve your customer experience.

Do What Other Platforms Can’t!

Social posting and social scheduling are must-have digital marketing tools – our platform goes well beyond to provide you with real-time social monitoring, sentiment analysis, survey data, and unsolicited feedback giving you the most comprehensive view of your customer journey.

5 Features of our Social Listening and Social Management Tools

  • Manage Social Media & Brand
  • Listen to the Customer Experience
  • Influence Your Content Strategy
  • Develop a Crisis Management Strategy
  • Leverage Competitor Analysis

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In 2018, Orangetheory hired Tombras to lead its SEO strategy, beginning with creating a single source of truth for all of its studios using the Reputation platform.  When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, all of the studios were forced to close. They turned to Reputation’s Business Listings module to complete rapid, efficient business listing updates for their google reputation management.

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“The integration between Reputation and Google made updating all of the business listings a seamless, hassle-free process. Plus, by eliminating error-prone manual updating, Reputation enabled much higher business listings accuracy.”

Jay Bolling
Senior SEO Manager
Tombras Group

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Increase sales volume on average

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2021 Social Listening Guide (Sabrina)

We analyzed 18,000 automotive brands and dealerships in the United States, and 15,000 more across Canada and Europe, during a year marked by seismic change.

Additional Social Resources

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Auto dealers matter more than ever. But to succeed, they need to combine a strong digital presence with a great customer experience at the physical dealership. Learn more on why embracing Reputation Experience Management is the key for auto dealers to operate successfully online and on the lot.

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