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A messy digital footprint can cost you a job

Social media has transformed the job market in just a decade. “You can’t imagine . . . that your private life and your business life are perfectly separable for your prospective employers and partners,” says Michael Fertik, the founder of

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Special Report: Improve The Patient Experience

This is a Special Report by Managed Healthcare Executive on the importance of the patient experience. The report includes the results of analysis that shows online reviews also shed light on important aspects of patient experience, such as caregiver competence, time to get an appointment, wait times, parking and administrative complaints, and experiences with billing and insurance.

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Ranking hospitals is serious business, but do patients pay attention? 

Indiana University Health isn’t shy about telling the world how it stacks up in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospital” annual rankings. But are consumers really paying attention? According to, a customer experience management company headquartered in Redwood City, California, most hospital consumer searches begin with Google or another search engine, not a hospital website or U.S. News rankings.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

The utility of AI isn’t just limited to driving conversions and personalizing experiences. The latest technology can also be used to power online listening tools that monitor social media comments and guest reviews—a task that would be hugely time-consuming if done manually. This means a property can quickly respond to negative feedback, observe general trends in guest sentiment, and identify areas where service levels can be improved. Tools such as include detailed reports and analytics, and cast the net wider to monitor blogs, social media, videos, images, review sites, and more. This big data analysis lets a hotel really understand what its audience is thinking, which can also be invaluable to boost the effectiveness of social engagement and marketing.

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Does your online reputation hang in the balance? by Staff

In today’s fast-moving digital world, it’s getting increasingly hard for a business to build a reputation just based on what it does do. There are various ways that businesses can engage customers online, according to’s Anthony Gaskell: “A common mistake is.. responding to customer feedback in the incorrect way. Like any other brand communication, businesses should consider whether their reply is using the correct tone.”

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