Terms of 90 Day Guarantee for Reputation.com for Small/Local Business Products

For customers that have purchased the Reputation.com for Small / Local Business Service and the customers contract explicitly includes a 90 Day Guarantee, the 90 Day Guarantee shall be under the following terms and conditions:

90 Day Guarantee Terms and Eligibility Requirements. If, after 90 days, Customer’s Reputation Score (as measured by Reputation.com’s proprietary Reputation Scoring system) is not higher at day 90 than it was when Customer signed up for the Reputation.com for Local Business services, Customer may cancel the remainder of its contract by providing written notice of cancellation to Customer’s account representative. Cancellation will be effective upon receipt of the written notice. If Customer has pre-paid an annual fee, Customer will be refunded an amount equal to the monthly fee rate times the number of months remaining on its contract. There are no refunds for periods prior to the cancellation. To qualify for the Guarantee:

  1. Customer must be enrolled in a Managed Service Package with a monthly fee greater than $160 per month or an annual fee of at least $2,000 per year, and with a term not less than 12 months.
  2. Customer must have requested 100 reviews per month for the first three months via email through the review platform. Further, Company’s patented review recommendation system must select the destination sites for the reviews (the system default). Reviews requested with the site selected by the user do not count toward the minimum review requests.
  3. Customer must request their cancellation in writing by way of email to their account representative no later than day 120 of Customer’s contract. No cancellations may be made after day 120.